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Welcome to the authority of Dance and Step in Texas, the Texas Dance and Step Association (TDSA) was organized in 2008 under the name Texas Step Team Association, Inc., also known nationwide as TSTA to promote the acceptance and provide structure for step teams in the State of Texas.  In May 2016 an assumed name certificate was filed with the State of Texas allowing TSTA to do business as TDSA.

In 2008 during the organization stage of TSTA, Chris Caldwell, a leading sponsor and competitive coach, organized a group of interested coaches to set judging, scoring and timing standards at competitions.  The organization continued to grow and in 2013 the organization reached the 52 team member mark.  As the founders, members and executives worked on defining the step guidelines, and needs to be considered in developing the Bylaws, other local, state and national organizations began to come into existence. However, it has been through the efforts of the founder’s desire to maintain financial accountability, integrity, loyalty and good sportsmanship that the organization has continued to flourish.

As a result of the founder’s desire to insure that the organization operated with integrity, the TSTA was only affiliated with one National Stepping Organization, the NSA. The TSDA is now a member of Dance USA another organization that has proven to be ethical and honest and a strong advocate for Dance.  

Our commitment to a national and state wide standard has been key to our growth. TDSA has member teams in most major metropolitan areas in the State of Texas. Through the TDSA’s judges and coaches education program, member teams are ranked among the top teams in the nation. TDSA also has the most comprehensive coaches, judges and student education program as compared to other state leagues and organizations.


The purpose of TDSA is to provide structure and consistency for students to perform in a safe, equitable and family-friendly atmosphere. TDSA aims to provide leadership and character building programs, enrichment clinics, local, regional, and national competitions carried out under rules that will protect participants from negligence.

TDSA has membership opportunities for individuals, teams and leagues. Contact us about becoming a member of TDSA.

TSTA’s goal is to provide uniformity in judging criteria, organization of competitions, and assistance to all participating teams, schools and stepping organizations in the State of Texas.

Here, you'll be able to get news, information, schedules, rosters, competition results, directions and much much more. Check back frequently for the latest information about our organization.


The Texas Step Team Association and the Texas Dance and Step Association are 501(C)3 companies organized to promote the Art of Dance and Step.

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