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LaKendra Anderson
PO Box 543151
Grand Prairie, TX 75054

Reports Directly to the Board Chairman

The Executive Director is the managing officer for the day to day operations of the Association. She is responsible for the effective operation of the Association; for the general administration of all business or other operations of the Association; and for advising and making recommendations to the Board of Directors with respect to such activities. She shall perform all the duties and accept all of the responsibilities usually required of a Chief Executive.  The Executive shall work directly with the Board Chairman to insure that the organization is following the vision of the Board Chairman and Board of Directors.



1)      Directly oversee the work of other all upper lever directors.

2)      Hold regular meetings with Directors, Coordinators/Asst Coordinators and all other administrators to discuss progress and problems facing the Association.

3)       Direct the operations and activities of administrators; see that they effectively guide and coordinate the operations and activities of the programs; secure their assistance in formulating internal objectives, plans and programs; evaluate their job performance; and stand ready at all times to render them advice and support.

4)      Be personally responsible for all evaluations of administrators.