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Randy Baggett Jr.



Reports to the Executive Director

Serves as Director of Operations oversees the work of all directors.

The primary job of the Protocol and Rules Director will be to ensure that Judging Protocol for Competitions is executed to the highest standard.  This includes selecting judges for each event, and insuring that judges are trained according to NSA/TSTA standards. The. Director of Protocol will also serve as the appeals chair for all appeals in TSTA.

Additionally the director oversees the work of the six divisions of Protocol – Events, Due Process-Code Enforcement, Student Services Membership, and Partnerships; – in setting the stage for growth and ensuring that protocol is executed to the highest standard. He serves as the primary liaison for visiting officials meeting with the CEO, Executive Director, Board Members and other Administration officials, and manages and implements protocol arrangements for travel, meetings.

Assist with the recruitment of new members to the Step Team Association and act in accordance with the organizations mission.  Work with and provide support to the executive director. Monitor programs and program implementation.