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The Director of Membership reports directly to the Executive Director.


The director must develop and implement programs, projects and activities designed to increase and retain membership in the association.

Job Duties/Tasks

Maintains the association’s data base (membership register) of members’ files.

Maintains the associations’ website.

Distribute appropriate membership materials. (badges, ID’s etc.)

Develops and ensures that established procedures for processing prospective members applications are consistently followed.

Plans and implements strategies to meet association membership goals.

Conducts orientation program for new members.

Promotes association activities using table tents, newsletters, direct mail flyers and other means.

Holds prospective member functions in conjunction with the director of student services.

Determines markets to be canvassed for qualified individuals and completes and maintains perpetual member invitee roster.

Serves on applicable committees to assure members’ interests are consistently addressed.

Follows-up on telemarketing efforts, member referrals, leads from staff, catering contracts, newspaper articles, lists, publications, etc.

Coordinates development of the social activities and social calendar for the association.

Maintains a file of association history information.

Coordinates all association public relations efforts, members’ newsletters, news and media events and association brochures.

Attends management and staff meetings.

Effectively responds to member comments in accordance with club standards, policies and rules.